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A grape known as Syrah in France and Shiraz in Australia.
SYRAH/SHIRAZ- Find out the history of this grape.

Counting calories in wine
Wine drinkers counting calories will be happy to know that a glass of red wine has less than 90 calories per glass in most wines.

Enhance your wine learning experience by joining a wine club
Benefits to wine club members are plentiful.

Find out about Award Winning Wines
Award Winning Wines requires proper storage.

Gewurztraminer grapes for great wine
Gewurztraminer grapes has a unique spicy character.

Organic wine rated of best wine lists
Organic Wines made from grapes that have their natural composition.

Purchase Fine Wine
Fine wine will give you a gratifying experience

Red Wine - a wine lover's favorite.
Learn how red wine is made!

Stemware with a long history
Stemware has designs that represent history.

Tempranillo - Spain's most distict red wine
Tempranillo grapes make for a popular wine.

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